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Laurence was interested in music at an early age but did not pick up a guitar till age 15. First favorite bands and major influences where the Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Laurence formed a power trio in high school called Power House which was my first attempt at lead guitar and lead vocals. Our goal at this time was to sound like Hendrix and Zeppelin which was a great way to learn and have a lot of fun. Around the same time, he played lead guitar in college rock band called Johnny and the hot shots, first real gigs. This is when he developed a real passion for performing live which is strong to this day. Later on, he was invited to join a band called Black Stalk which lasted several years playing the classic rock circuit in Ontario.

While juggling family life and career,  Laurence managed to remain involved in music over the years recording, song writing and performing with such bands as, Roadogs, Grey matters band, Greystone, Tool time blues band, Freebyrd and now, Simply Skynyrd.

“Being a huge fan of Lynyrd Skynyrd most of my life, this is a project I’m very happy to be involved in.”

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