“No rain, no rain, NO RAIN.” – chant from Woodstock Arts and Music Festival, 1969.

Well, we know a little how they must have felt back in 1969 in Woodstock. The rain was taunting us as we set up for the show at the Warkworth Musicfest, July 26-28, 2018. We arrived on the site grounds with a sense of excitement from the radio coverage we got with Classic Rock Cobourg using our version of Sweet Home Alabama for their radio spot and for the in-depth interview on the band.

The storms were forecasted and the clouds drew in full and foreboding. When the wind picked up we knew the storm was coming for real and things were going to get wet – and boy did it! Our stage was under a few millimeters of water in a matter of seconds as the clouds opened and the rain cascaded down on to the festival area.

But all the lovely Warkworth volunteers were there in no time, mopping, drying up and revitalizing the stage for us. We started about 10 minutes late and launched into our 90 minute festival set starting with Working For MCA. Before we knew it the sun was blazing and the crowd had re-assembled. Seems they love the Skynyrd thing in Warkworth! We were voted in the top 5 bands – many of which were returning acts. We had a blast and were able to beat the weather this time!