Alright! After searching all over Southern Ontario, we are happy to announce some great news.

We’ve been “On the Hunt” for a talented vocalist and with so many highly qualified singers and players out there, its been quite a task. Well, after lots of “Searchin'” – we found our man!  And we couldn’t be more  pleased to introduce, Matthew Bunt.

Matthew is a veteran singer and harmonica player based in the GTA. He  keeps busy performing in several bands covering electric and acoustic based rock and pop.

Matt brings real talent with a natural ability to capture the voices and styles of famous singers. This includes Robert Plant, Steven Tyler, Brian Johnson to the late, great Bon Scott of AC/DC. Recently, while in a Pink Floyd Tribute, Matthew was able to perform both the Roger Waters and David Gilmour vocal parts.  No easy task!

Matthew’s talent for finding these famous voices means the tone and mannerisms of Ronnie Van Zant will come quickly. With the addition of Matthew, Symply Skynyrd now has the vocals and front man to do the job. We’re looking forward to playing some great shows with Matt at the mic.

From everyone at Symply Skynyrd, welcome Matt!